Frequently Asked Questions

Are hardwood floors difficult to clean and maintain?

Carlton Hardwood Flooring is designed to be easy to clean. We use finishes that allow our floors to be easily cleaned with minimal effort. It is not recommended to wet mop hardwood flooring. Visit the Care and Maintenance Information section on our web site for more details.

Differences in Solid and Engineered hardwood floors.

Solid wood flooring consists of one “solid” piece of wood flooring. Typically, a solid wood floor is installed by nailing it to a plywood subfloor. With engineered hardwood floors, layers of wood are assembled by alternating the directions of the grain, then laminating them together. This manufacturing process stabilizes the dimensions of each board. With engineered hardwood flooring, expansion or contraction of is minimized allowing for glue-down installations directly over concrete.

What are the differences in wood species? Are some species better than others?

We use different species in our hardwood flooring to offer you a wide choice of style, color and texture. Visit or product collections on our web site for specific details on each species.

Should I expect color variations?

Hardwood flooring is a natural product and will always show some level of variations in color. Species such as Wild Walnut Acacia are desirable because it’s unique and wide range of color variation. Staining can even out some color variation.

Choices of Installation Method.

There are three choices of installation methods. Glue, Staple/Nail or Float. Most often the choice depends on the type of subfloor in the home. Installations over wood subfloors can use any of the three methods. Over concrete subfloors, the choice is glue-down or floating method. Floating installations are best for “Do-It-Yourself” installations, as this method can be done over any subfloor type.

Can I install Carlton Hardwood Flooring in my bathroom?

Installing hardwood flooring in bathrooms has never been recommended due to the amount of water and water vapor that are present in this room of the home. This is an area where other hard surface flooring materials would present a better alternative.

Can I install Carlton Hardwood Flooring in the basement?

Carlton Engineered Hardwood Floors can be installed in basements. The most important consideration for basement installations is to check for any areas where unwanted water or moisture can enter into the area. Testing of the basement subfloor moisture content is also necessary. Make sure that a reliable adhesive and moisture barrier are used on the subfloor and follow all the procedures offered by the adhesive manufacturer.

What is the difference between prefinished and unfinished wood flooring?

Unfinished wood flooring is hardwood flooring that is supplied without any stain or protective finish. Unfinished floors are installed, sanding and finished on the job site. Prefinished hardwood floors are manufactured, sanded and finished at the factory. Advantages of prefinished hardwood flooring are the elimination of the inconvenient sanding and finishing processes done in your home and a much quicker completion time. Also, Carlton Hardwood Flooring comes with a 25 year finish warranty.

Is hardwood flooring a better flooring choice regarding allergies?

Yes! Hardwood floors do not harbor or trap-in dust and common household dirt, making removing them easier and more thorough. Check out Carlton’s maintenance instructions for more details. You will definitely breathe easier living on a Carlton Hardwood Floor.

What adhesive should I use for glue-down installations?

Today, there are many excellent choices regarding hardwood flooring adhesives. Many adhesive manufacturers now offer moisture protection features in their adhesive products. Carlton does not manufacture or distribute any adhesive products, but we recommend that you ask your flooring contractor or adhesive retailer about the different features of their adhesives and what level of moisture warranty coverage their adhesives offer.

What finishes does Carlton Hardwood Flooring use on products?

At Carlton, we use two types of finishes on our hardwood floors, Urethane and UV Satin (UV Oil). Our urethane finishes are fortified with aluminum oxide making them easy to clean and offer excellent wear-thru and stain protection. Our UV Satin finish is a blend of oil and urethane finish that penetrates into the grain showing minimal build above the surface of the wood. This finish accentuates the natural grain and textures that contribute to the old world style of our Landmark Collection. The UV Satin finish is also much easier to clean than floors made with oil finishes alone. See our Care Maintenance Information for more details.

Why is Carlton Hardwood Flooring a better choice than other brands?

For over ten years, Carlton has brought beautiful and top performing floors to market. At our core, we have the ability to build on new ideas, new technologies and new style trends much faster than our larger competitors. Our way of doing business is to listen to our customers and build top performing hardwood flooring products at the most affordable prices. It’s a winning formula and one that has over the years gained the trust of our customers.